Selasa, 19 Januari 2016

One Punch Man Season 2 Confirm !!! YEAAAH

Perhaps the breakthrough anime of 2015, the series were able to capture the attention of fans all over the world because of its astounding design and fight scenes, catchy humor and most importantly, its remarkable characters.

An original creation by ONE, it sure has brought a lot of joy to its avid fans. Fortunately, "One-Punch Man" season 2 is being pushed by the creator of the remake, Yusuke Murata and is hard at work in making this happen. He twitted that he will do his best to make "One-Punch Man" season 2 a reality and fans shouldn't be surprised if the series gets one via Anime Corner

With that said, fans shouldn't expect "One-Punch Man" season 2 to arrive soon as the manga is not so far ahead with the anime. As of this writing, the manga is at chapter 86, "Garou Arc" while the season finale for season 1 is around chapter 37.

Nevertheless, fans were delighted when Murata said that he will do his best to make "One-Punch Man" season 2 a reality. Here are some fan reactions on the recently aired "One-Punch Man" episode 11 and some are hoping that the anime continuation will be out in less than two years
We can’t waiting to long for that

Lets be pray for season 2 guuys