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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered below some of the most common questions we get about MySiteAnywhere. If you feel you're  question was not answered, feel free to contact us at
  • What is MySiteAnywhere? MySiteAnywhere is a tool for creating the best website for professionals and small and mid sized businesses (SMB). It contains everything you need to build a website for reaching and engaging your customers on every device. We managed to provide you with the best features, in the most affordable prices.
  • What's so special about MySiteAnywhere? Well, we combined the most simple way to create a website, with the best website product out there. You don't need to know anything about coding, creating a website, or designing a website, yet in less than 5 minutes, you can create the most effective website out there.
  • What is the process of getting a website from MySiteAnywhere? We made that process as easy as possible. Start by going to, we start by asking you several business questions, which take less than a minute to answer. Yes, business questions - not technical questions. After you tell us a little bit about your business, we will ask you to enter your business information such as address, email, phone and more. We will also ask you about your products and services, specials and rates, so that your website shows the most relevant information to your visitors. We recommend you have your picture ready and your logo ready, as you will be able to upload them. We even allow you to add images, videos or files (PDF, text, word) of your work samples so anyone can see what you are all about. And last, you can enter information in the About Me section and describe your business; here's a little tip - you can paste photos or images in the About Me section and it looks great! The last step is preview - you will see how your real live site works on every device, from mobile to tablet to desktop computers. Click around the preview as your site is live! You then select your domain name and head out to the checkout screen.
  • What if I have all my information on LinkedIn, do I now need to enter it again? No you don't, we integrate with LinkedIn and we can import your profile information (first name, last name, company name, About Me and more), when you create your site. 
  • What if I forgot something during the process of configuring my site? can I go back and edit it, or add missing information later?  Yup, you sure can. If you don't have a logo handy, or you want to go back and edit your information, you can do this at any time. During registration, you can always click on the Back button; and after registration you can always sign in, and then go to "Edit Your Site".
  • What awaits me after the registration and checkout process? As you complete the registration process, you will be sent to your Dashboard. And the dashboard will be the first screen you will see after you sign in any time. In the Dashboard, you will be able to preview your website, make edits to your website, see the results of visitors on your website and much more.
  • How can I remember my domain name, user name and password? Don't worry, when you are done registering, we will send you an email with that information. If you did not receive the email, check your JUNK or SPAM folder, as some email servers may put it there. If we landed in your JUNK or SPAM folder, please mark us as "not a spam" so we can continue sending you information about your site.
  • Is my domain name active? how can I tell? It will take some time to get your domain name activated, from 20 minutes to 3-4 hours, we just can't tell. Domain names are like new phone numbers, and it takes time to update the internet's address book (known as the domain name registry) and for your internet provider to catch up to the change. In the meantime, seat back and enjoy a cold drink. After a few minutes, you will be able to see that your domain name is active if you type it into your web browser window, and you get directed to the website you just created.
  • How can I get my domain name, and my new website, to show up on Google search? Well, it's complicated - but don't worry, because we will do it for you. Yes, MySiteAnywhere is integrated into Google, and your website will be submitted within a day or two. Check back in 1-2 days and then search Google for your domain name, or for your tagline, you will likely see your website showing.
  • OK, I now my domain is now active. Can I tell my friends? You sure can, sign in to MySiteAnywhere, click on "View My Site" and chose from one of the sharing options. You can share your website on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and everyone will see you just got a new website. Even better, you can repeat this whenever you update your website, and your friends will see that you updated your website.
  • What if I already have a domain name, that I registered in the past, can I redirect it? Yes you can. In that case, we recommend that you complete a MySiteAnywhere setup and chose a new domain name, and then contact the company who sold you your old domain name and ask that they point the old name to the new name.
  • How can I sign in to manage my website? Go to, and click on the Sign In link in the top right corner of your screen. Use your email address and your password. If you forgot your password, click on firs on "Sign In" and then on "forgot my password" in the screen that just showed up.
  • Do you save my credit card number or my personal information? No we don't. We only persist that data during the checkout process and not a single second after that.
  • Can I cancel my account? Yes, you can, but we hate to see you go. Just send us an email to and and we will help you cancel your account. Note that we purchase your domain name for a period of no less than 12 months, so if you cancel with us, your domain name may be live for that period until it becomes available again. 
  • What can I do with a MySiteAnywhere website?  For starters, this website works on any device, and this means that your customers can interact with you from a mobile phone, tablet, or PC anytime and anywhere. Next, your website will contain all the necessary tools to help your customers find you, schedule appointments with you, call you, email you and even learn about your product and pricing.
  • What can clients do on my website? Well, you can chose what they can and cannot do, but here are some of the available features - your clients can get turn-by-turn driving directions to your locations, schedule appointments with you, click and call you, send you emails, see your work samples, learn about you, your rates and even your specials. 
  • What happens when my clients try to schedule appointments with me? We send you an email with the information collected from the client, which may include name, email, phone, comments and more. You can decide which fields you would like to collect from your clients when you create your website.
  • How can my clients get to my website? We provide you with the tools to put your website anywhere. From social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) to search engines, to integrating your website into print, TV and traditional advertising, it's all included. We provide you with the tools to share your site, and advertise the your website's address in every form of advertising.
  • What's a domain name, and how do I register one? A domain name is the address for your website on the internet, and usually looks something like "". With MySiteAnywhere, you can register a domain name and we will take care of registering the domain name for you. And best of all, you get the domain name for FREE when you register for an account. From any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, consumers can open a web browser, type your domain name and they will be taken to your website in seconds.
  • What's a QR code, how do I get one and why do I need one? QR stands for Quick Response, and it's a code that can be scanned from mobile phones and launch your website. For example, you can put your QR code on your business card and customers can scan it and launch your website on their mobile phone. MySiteAnywhere comes included with a QR code for your website, at no additional cost. With most recent phone, your consumers will have an included QR code scanner and will be able to launch your site.
  • What's an SMS keyword, how do I get one an why do I need it? SMS is a simple form of messaging, used by mobile phone users. With MySiteAnywhere, you get to chose a keyword. For example, you may chose the keyword "designer" if you are in the business of designing homes. Keywords are unique throughout the MySiteAnywhere system so hurry up and register the one that works best for you. From any mobile phone, customers can send a text message with your keyword to the number 48696 (U.S. only), they will then receive a message with a link to your website. This allows consumers to bookmark your website from any phone. Some consumers will not have a QR scanner, so having an SMS keyword ensures that your website is available from any device. 
  • What do you charge me for?, how much? and what are the hidden fees? We host your website, provide you with a domain name, and get your website where your customers can find it. And for that we charge you a nominal hosting fee, which can get as low as $14.95/month. There are no hidden fees, or any other fees of any sort (and there will never be ones).
  • Who is behind MySiteAnywhere? MySiteAnywhere was created by the folks at Gumiyo, a development platform used to power some of the best applications, websites and mobile solutions out there. 
  • What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is the process of organizing the information on your website such that it is readable by the search engines. When your website is readable by search engines, it makes it easier for search engines to catalog the information on your website. With MySiteAnywhere, SEO is included, and your website will be properly submitted to Google and other search engines.

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My Site Anywhere Walkthrough Tutorial

Need help building your site? This quick instructional video will take you through each step from start to finish. If you still have questions after watching this video, feel free to email our team